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It can be very difficult making nearly morning decision if your child is sick enough to stay home. Experts acknowledge that children don’t always need to stay home when they are not feeling absolutely up to snuff, but there are some definite instances when a child should not attend school or day care with other children. Parents must carefully observe their children to try to make the best decision.


1.  Do not send a child to school who:

    • Has had a temperate above 100 degrees within the past 24 hours.
    • Has had vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours.
    • Has thick green mucus from the nose.
    • Is coughing excessively, or complaining of a sore throat.
    • Has a rash with a fever.
    • Has head lice. All children must be Nit Free.
    • Has an infection requiring treatment (strep, pink eye, scabies). They should not return until 24 hours after treatment begins.

 2.  Be alert to early signs of illness. These may be first seen as a change in usual behavior. A mildly ill child can become seriously ill in the course of a few hours.


3.  Whenever your child is seriously ill, consult your physician or clinic without delay. Early treatment may prevent more serious illness.


When your child has a communicable disease or infectious disease, please notify the teacher immediately so that appropriate measure say be taken to protect other children in the classroom.


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