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Watch these videos to learn how KB, Josh, Milton, and their friends deal with kids who bully.

Reference:  www.stopbullying.gov

KB has her first day at a new school where she walks into Cassandra, a kid at school that bullies others, and gets teased in front of the class.


Being bullied by the "torture patrol" affects Milton’s tuba lesson.


Josh, who used to get bullied, is now the cool kid in school.


Melanie wants to fit in, so she stops hanging out with her old friends and starts hanging out with the cool kids at school.  She doesn’t stand up for her old friends when they get bullied.


KB avoids telling her mom about how hard her first day of school at her new school was.  She did not tell her mom that the other kids made fun of her and cyberbullied her by posting a picture of her online.


Josh watches as Milton gets bullied by Brick and remembers back to when he was bullied last year.


KB tries out for the soccer team but has a hard time when Cassandra keeps trying to make her look bad in front of Coach.


KB wants to quit soccer because of what happened at tryouts. After she tells her mom, her mom recognizes the signs and realizes that KB must be getting bullied.


Milton decides that he doesn’t want to play the tuba anymore and Josh confronts the kids that used to bully him but that are now being nice to him.


Cassandra continues to tease KB during class and gets spoke to by the teacher. Mel and KB are assigned to be lab partners and become friends.


Josh and Raven stand up to Brick when he bullies Milton in the cafeteria.


Mel defends KB while playing soccer and shows Coach that they understand teamwork.  Coach makes Mel the team’s captain and she picks KB to be on her team and introduces her to her other friends.

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