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Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  Eating breakfast everyday helps regulate body weight and improve overall health.  Research has shown that children actually perform better in school when they eat breakfast.  Children need a constant source of energy (food) throughout the day.  Skipping breakfast causes them to go into a semi-starvation state, which can lead to hunger pains, stomach discomfort, irritability and difficulty paying attention.  It is important that children do not skip eating health breakfast in the morning.

Here are some tips for making healthy breakfast choices:

  • Avoid sweets and sugary cereals.  These non-nutritious foods may cause your child's enery leel to rise temporaril, and then quickly fall to a lower level.
  • Choose foods like whole grain breads and cereals, fruit, eggs andn yogurt.
  • Also try foods that may not be typical for breakfast.  Leftovers from dinner or lunch can make a great breakfast!  Try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, vegetable soup, or a turkey and cheese wrap.
  • To give your child energy al day long, choose foods that are highin fiber and protein.
For a smart breakfast, pick foods from three different food groups (example:  whole grain bread, peanut butter and a banana).

Remember - be good to your body and it will last a lifetime.

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