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As we start a new school year, one of our major concerns is for student safety.  We want to thank everyone who works to improve the safety around our school.

Our crossing guards work to keep our children safe as they enter the campus and to keep traffic flowing smoothly.  We applaud those of you who put children’s safety before your own convenience and follow our traffic and parking regulations.  Our campus supervisors work hard to cover the large area of our campus and assure that there is always an adult available to help students.

As our school schedule gets into full swing, please keep the following safety issues in mind:

  1. Students should not arrive on campus before 7:30 AM (if eating breakfast in the cafeteria).
  2. Children and parents should enter the campus through the front and side walkways only and never through the parking lot.
  3. Children buying lunch should go first to the cafeteria and then report upstairs to wait for their class to begin.
  4. Elementary schools have closed campuses.  All parents, volunteers and visitors must check into the office and receive a name tag before going into the hallways, classrooms, and playground or lunch area during the school day.  We love having our parents on campus, but in today’s world it is important that we monitor who has access to the areas where our children work and play.
  5. All children must walk home or be picked up in a timely manner after their dismissal from class. Younger students may not wait on campus for older students to be dismissed.
  6. Any children left unattended on campus for more than 10 minutes after dismissal will be asked to report to the lunch benches to start their homework.  Please look for your children in this area if you are unavoidably detained.
  7. Every Wednesday is a shortened day, with all the students in grades 1-6 being dismissed at 1:25 PM.  We also have shortened days during conference periods in December and March.  Please watch for school notices and be aware of your child’s schedule.  Please help your child avoid the sad and scary experience of being left after school and not being picked up.
  8. Sometimes children need to be reminded of school rules, and sometimes they need to be reprimanded for breaking school rules.  Our campus supervisors are trained to do this politely, but firmly.  Please help us train students to accept direction respectfully and obediently.

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